Un petit ensemble d'oboles marseillaises du IVe s. av. J.-C. provenant de Sainte Luce (pays Voconces)

Jean-Albert Chevillon, Pierre André


Drawing on data published in 2005 by Yves Girard, about the site Sainte Luce (town of
Vercoiran - Drôme, France), which reports that "the limit of this place, accidental discoveries were
made by residents from many years. Examining the only furniture press is revealing periods dating
with particular Massaliètes datable oboles of the Iron Age", we was able to trace these discoveries
currencies at the same place in the immediate environment of the site. The information confirms
that this is certainly a deposit whose interest is primarily based on its age (middle of the 2nd quarter
of the fourth century BC) and on its area of origin, down the Voconces countries (Western
Baronnies high valley of Ouvèze), a sector which is very little documented in terms of numismatic
material for this "high" period. Moreover, by its content that mixes the latest series of obols with
heads right and the first with this design now facing left, this small set particularly emphasizes this
point "hinge" in the Greek Marseille workshop's mint.

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