Fracción Taifa de Sevilla de Al Mu´tamid con título Siray al Dawla y Hasum (46)6 H /1073 d.C no recogida en Vives, Prieto ni en el Suplemento Taifas de Prieto

Felipe Agüera Cachinero


Publication of a fraction in the name of Al Mu'tamid Abu-l-Qasim Muhammad (461-
484H/1069-1091 D.C.) of the Taifa Kingdom of Seville. Although there is no visible mint name, it
could possibly be from the mint Al-Andalus in the year (46)6H/1073 D.C. The coin features the
name Hasum with the laqab Siray Al Dawla on side IA and Al Mu'tamid 'Ala Allah/Al Imam 'Abd
Allah/Amir al muminin/Al muwayad binasir Allah on side IIA. The coin is not listed in the
catalogues of Vives or Prieto, or in the supplement to Prieto's catalogue of Taifa issues. Although
its legends are incomplete, the coin is similar to numbers 940 and 941 in the catalogue by Antonio
Vives y Escudero (1893) and numbers 404 and 405a in the catalogue of Prieto. The publication of
this coin extends the current known chronology of coins with the name Hasun from the period 461
to 464 to the year 466.

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